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Then you sleep in the bushes behind Rum Runners with no pants.7- CRAB ISLAND SUCKS – you ride in a sh*tty, bumpy boat for however long it takes to get there.

Meaning we’ve learned it is polite to tip before making a spectacle of ourselves groping the boys and engaging in sexual acts normally reserved for the privacy of a bedroom.

For the first time visitor to Thailand’s world of gay gogo bars it is a heady experience and it’s easy to lose sight of the normal societal rules we usually adhere to.

Don’t Mimic The Sour Faces Of Your Fellow Patrons: A good rule of the road anywhere in the world is when you are unsure of the conduct expected of you, follow the lead of those around you.

If the bar you enter is filled with sourpuss old sexpats, this is not good advice.

Don’t Order A Sex On The Beach: I love a play on words as much as the next guy, but when it comes time to order a drink at one of Bangkok’s gogo bars (which is as soon as you and that visiting erect cock sit down) being cute is not appreciated.

Ordering a Sex on The Beach instead of a Singha will confuse your waiter and he’ll think you just offered to off him and take him on a two week trip to Phuket.

Thais devote their lives to having fun and you looking like someone who smells of a bad time will guarantee that you will have something to be grumpy about.