Start 12 month dating present

12 month dating present

I had about a quarter of that to use and had to get creative to accomplish the pre-paid part. For me, budget was one of the most important factors in my kit, so I aimed for dates that were budget-conscious.

When my hubby and I first married the best advice we received, “Go on a real date once a week.” That doesn’t mean sitting at home watching a movie with microwave popcorn.

Instead, a date requires you to leave your home, do something different, and create a new memory.

Once upon a time, I found one of the first viral Pinterest pins created by the amazing Shannon Brown.

Shannon decided to make dates intentional and gave her husband a Christmas gift of 12 envelopes – each with a pre-planned, pre-paid date to open each month of the upcoming year.

And here is Mark’s priceless reaction to it on Christmas morning: (NOTE: the particular date he is getting excited about is a board game marathon.) I think he liked it! We’ve committed to “date” each other through the years, no matter how busy life gets.

It’s important to us to carve out intentional time together to grow our relationship.

I know what you are thinking…life happens, we get busy, and dates become an afterthought.

To help you out, I’m sharing the gift I gave my sister for her bridal shower. The bottom includes a link for printable tags (I altered some to be more generic for everyone).

Don’t worry, I told Shannon about it 🙂Through this project, we had an amazing year, and I also became great blogging friends with Shannon!

I didn’t want it to end when the first year was up, so I went ahead and did it again.

It also helped make our dates out a little more special.