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55-30 Ma, and dispersed eastward to Central Asia at ca. The origin of Thermopsideae is inferred as Central Asian and dated to ca. The onset of adaptive radiation at the center of the tribe, with diversification of most species in Thermopsis and Piptanthus at ca.

Eliseo Fernando Soriano, also known as "Brother Eli", is a Filipino televangelist.

ADDFII Infant Care as a child-care and child-placement welfare institution is geared for abandoned Filipino children in need of special protection, neglected toddlers surrendered by their parents/families and dependent babies who’s below 2½ years of age.

Most of the e-mails are written in Spanish, with its English translation to be understood by the larger fraction of the congregation.

In the Leguminosae, the so-called core genistoides includes tribes Crotalarieae, Genisteae, Podalyrieae, Thermopsideae, Euchresteae, and Sophoreae sensu strictu [1–8].