Start Bespoke dating agency

Bespoke dating agency

Real life meetings between customers is the base of our business.

We noticed very clearly that our gentlemen and ladies both lack the assistance of a dating professional, who could train them, explain them the difference between cultures, explain what is needed to make sure the couple will last.

We saw that customers need to be guided, otherwise many of them never be able to find a spouse due to unrealistic expectations, non-settled priorities, etc.

For Carpe Diem it is not all about ‘numbers or targets’, it is about our Clients and taking the time to get to know them, to introduce them to people from the same background, with the same outlook and values.

We are happy to see how many happy couples we made, and the same time we clearly understood that we could do much better, and make more couples.

We continue to go from ‘strength to strength’ and have gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy Introduction Agencies for the over 50s.

Do you remember a time before technology ruled the world?

Carpe Diem was created solely for this purpose, to fulfil a need. We listened to you, the Client – you told us what you wanted, what you did not and where others failed you in the past.