Start Carrie underwood who is she dating

Carrie underwood who is she dating

It ends with a still shot of Underwood at the casket with flag in hand panning out to reveal a sunny, breezy landscape.

However, as the song goes on, it's revealed that she's actually going to the funeral of her husband, who was a soldier killed in action.

During the funeral, she wishes that everything going on at the moment is all "just a dream." The woman is eventually given a folded up flag, which is only given to the next of kin, which includes spouse, blood relative or someone who has been granted permission by the courts to be their next of kin."Hillary had this thing in her head, “Wouldn’t it be great to write a song about a woman where you think through the song that she’s getting married but then you suddenly realise she’s actually going to her husband’s funeral.” That’s how it started." "Just a Dream" was well-received and garnered several positive reviews from critics. of Engine 145, a country music blog, gave the song a "thumbs up" review, calling it one of the best performances of Underwood's in an album that otherwise contained "bombastic vocals".

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"Just a Dream" is a mid-tempo song backed by an acoustic guitar, drum kit, bass guitar and a string section.

The song chronicles an 18-year-old woman going to the church in her wedding dress, with the listener believing she's going to her wedding.

It begins with Underwood sitting with her boyfriend Jonathan Roberts, played by Jeff Kasser, an officer in the military, in a car listening to Eddy Arnold's "Make the World Go Away", and trying not to talk about the inevitability of him leaving for war.

As she imagines what it would be like to walk down the aisle and marry him, Underwood’s smile and white dress transform into a black mourning dress and tears as she walks down the aisle to her husband's coffin; submerged with scenes of Underwood receiving news of his death.

'Just a Dream' delivers the heartbreaking, storytelling side of Nashville with the kind of song usually reserved for vets like one of her idols Reba Mc Entire or Martina Mc Bride.