Start Dating a lebanese man

Dating a lebanese man

In Lebanon, and in USA, there are good people and bad people.

Her ex and her friend's exes would go through their phones, not want them to work, yell at them for slight things etc and she got me scared! come on, you're really asking reddit if the guy you're dating will be jealous and possessive? It's like saying that since you're from the south of USA, you're definitely a racist.

And yes I realize this is a complete generalization and everyone's different but some opinions or advice would help a lot. Your father was definitely a cow boy, you live in a desert, you love country music and you say "y'all" all the time. Yes, Lebanon as a country has a lot of conservatives, but we have a lot of liberals too.

Not now, before you even had a conversation with him.

Just get to know him and have him explain his culture, or his take on it at least - I bet he'll quite enjoy it. I'm a guy that was born in Lebanon but raised outside of Lebanon in a far more conservative part of the Middle East but I find myself to be far more liberal and left-leaning than the average Lebanese in Lebanon because of my upbringing, and the people I was surrounded with (I'm an oddball in my case since I grew up within a mostly European bubble in the desert).

Many Lebanese women may be hesitant to register for online matchmaking sites because they fear disclosing personal information to complete strangers.

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