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Dating delilah lady lust

If this requires avoiding family friends, changing jobs, or other drastic measures, they should be considered (Matt -30; Rom ; II Tim ).

These evil women have only a few techniques, which wise men learn to identify and avoid.

First, they expose and emphasize their feminine beauty and shape by immodest dress or conduct to capture his eyes (Pr ; ; Is ).

Virginity at marriage is mocked, and affairs after marriage are justified.

Such women prey on noble and successful men, especially kings’ sons (Pr ; ; -28).

The third trick is flattering speech to break down a man’s resistance and close in for the sexual kill.

Immodest attire tempts men at a distance without involvement.

If a man has foolishly allowed a woman to get this far, it is unlikely he will be able to stop. Her sweet words in his ears never mentioned his future as a blind grinder!

Safety from flattery is simple – do not talk more than necessary with women.

Some -- like songs by Queen, the Beatles and Styx -- were written specifically with someone in mind; others just generally toss out their affections for anyone who'll have them.

While musicians like Elton John and Billy Joel rose to fame on the strength of their love songs and continued to mine that territory throughout their careers, others -- like punk and metal bands -- don't have as many choices.

Second, these women use their eyes to admire a man and show their willingness to be his sexual partner.