Start Dating for combat vets

Dating for combat vets

So I have recently been dating this new guy and he is in the Military.

Statistically, if they are veterans, it is likely that many of them have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

But this emotional baggage continued to burden them throughout their military careers and made it more likely they would develop combat-related PTSD.

Whatever their personal situation, many veterans and their families have learned over the years to shape their lives around the illness in ways that were usually intended to gloss over and deny the major impact it was having upon them.

At best, most members of the public are familiar with one or two common symptoms of the illness.

But that is certainly not an adequate base of knowledge to tell if a person has the condition.

Frustration, anger, and irritation are addressed over and over.

Isolation, how to try and continue your life, and how to handle your kids are topics addressed across the web.

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