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Dating in the dark seth cooperman

Piped-in opera and classical music provides the soundtrack to Cooperman’s sequestered life in his dark office high atop the law firm’s corporate L. The plot of this legal melodrama is a familiar one: a seriously damaged lawyer seeks redemption by way of a David vs. One of Hollywood’s seminal achievements is the way they’ve turned bottom-feeding tort lawyers like Billy into heroes.

That’s when they notice the fast-approaching shock wave blistering the air. Rising to their feet, the pair regain their bearings just in time to confront the impending tsunami that swamps their vessel, tossing them into the cold, dark sea.

And so begins the biggest adventure in the life of down-and-out attorney Billy Mc Bride (Billy Bob Thornton), who desperately wants “to get back to being someone people can trust.” He reluctantly agrees to represent Gina Larson (Sarah Wynter), sister of the atomized boater Ryan Larson, in a lawsuit against defense contractor Borns Technology, for whom her brother worked prior to his death.

That all exploded when it was discovered he’d fathered a child with his mistress and campaign worker Rielle Hunter while his wife was dying of cancer.

When I attempt to speak to him in French, he looks utterly horrified and declares that it is his rule to speak only English when he is in England.

Then with the help of a sketch artist, must describe what they believe their dates looked like.

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In the far distance, two fishermen drop their nets as one comments on the distant vessel’s glowing beauty against the cold and misty darkness.