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Dating man in love

He’d experienced the harshness of the world and yet stayed kind. He had immigrated from Afghanistan to Scotland, where I lived at the time. He lived with friends who treated him like a little brother, and for whom he worked at a job he hated.

I’ve also had to admit I’ve been less confident than I should have been.

I believed I needed to prove my value by fixing the most brilliant, beautiful object in the room, rather than recognizing my own worth as a subject.

I have gone to extraordinary lengths to make people love me.

I loved my first real partner, the man I lived with in graduate school, because he was a delightful combination of strong and gentle.

So, I’ve turned to fixing myself rather than other people.

In the process, I’ve seen how focusing on a mirage of the future made me overlook pretty shitty behavior in the present.

I got him into school, where he earned an engineering certificate because he’s very smart and works very hard.

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