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Dating of jesus crucifixion

In the Bible story of the crucifixion of Jesus, the Jewish high council, or Sanhedrin, accused Jesus of blasphemy and decided to put him to death.

The Gregorian calendar date of Friday April 1, AD 33 (which corresponds to the Julian calendar date of Friday April 3, AD 33) has been proposed as the day our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified.

In this study an attempt will be made to determine if this date is supported by the information found in the Bible.

Since Biblical months are related to the timing of the new moon, and new years are related to seasons, with the Biblical year aligned to spring, which is itself related to the vernal equinox, the following dates have been obtained from astronomical calculations for the year AD 33 (note: all dates below are Gregorian calendar dates): The next issue we are faced with is exactly how does one determine the start of the new year and new month given the above information for the vernal equinox and lunar conjunction.

Stakes were driven through Jesus' wrists and ankles, fastening him to the cross where he was crucified between two convicted criminals.

If one searches the internet, as well as Jewish and Christian history, one will find lots of opinion, but very little if any Biblical rationale for the methods finally selected.

In this study a simple approach is chosen, which is to test each combination of new year and new month method, and see which of them satisfies the Biblical information regarding our Lord Jesus Christ's crucifixion.

If this criteria is not met, then we know for sure that particular method is not Biblically valid!