Start Dating software with members

Dating software with members

It’s nice to see so many Word Press integrations for membership sites, because Word Press by itself offers such an extensive list of ways to extend itself that it only makes sense that a truly serious membership site would opt for Word Press, rather than custom design.

Browse a directory of mobile and desktop friendly templates to create the kind of membership site that will fully reflect your own vision and mission.

The examples directory provides a number of sites that are already using Sub Hub successfully, and should be sufficient to help you make a final decision in whether you wish to use this membership platform or not.

Word Press is the most sought after blogging platform, and it comes as no surprise that many would want to build their membership site directly around their Word Press installation.

While the code base is locked for the public eye, there are enough features to compliment full accessibility over the way your membership site looks and feels.

Member Press is an easy to use Word Press Membership Plugin.

This powerful Membership Software installs simply on your site and helps you instantly start charging for access.

This encourages your members to stay subscribed for longer in order to access content that has yet to be released.