Start Dating while legally seperated

Dating while legally seperated

Under General Statute 50-16.2A, amongst the factors a judge can consider in granting support is any martial misconduct by the parties.

We all know a spouse who begins dating even when they’re married in the first place.

Secondly, in some states, it can be grounds for a divorce itself.

In other words, dating while your separated may make the court feel that the divorce is your fault.

While there’s nothing that will automatically award your spouse everything they ask for in the case of dating during a separation, it can look bad before the spouse themselves and before the court, who may be attempting to call in mediators and save the marriage itself.

Long story short, it reflects poorly on your character.

In drafting the agreement, you should keep in mind that the terms will define what each party is permitted to do, so you and your Raleigh defense lawyer should be careful with what it says.

Again, the best thing to do while separated is to stay single.

The best part of your situation right now is that you cared enough to look into this matter.