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In this regard, Respondent states that Respondent’s website is not listed by Google, thus, it is not stealing any clients from Complainant.

Complainant affirms that Respondent´s claim that Respondent did not know of the existence of Complainant is not credible, as Respondent is a sophisticated Internet operator who is familiar with Internet dating, and has likewise misused other trademarks.

Respondent denies taking advantage of Complainant´s prestige, as Respondent had absolutly no knowledge of the existence of Complainant.

Moreover, Respondent states that Respondent’s reason for registering the disputed domain name was because Respondent was looking for a means to increase Respondent’s family´s income.

Complainant states that it is sceptical of Respondent’s claim that Respondent did not receive the cease and desist letters sent by Complainant, as Complainant has proof of delivery to the Whois address and Respondent has not said that this address was incorrect.

Complainant states that it cannot seriously consider Respondent’s extraordinary suggestion that Respondent will not answer any communication sent by any foreign company.

Complainant asserts to have sent a cease and desist letter to Respondent on September 14, 2004.

On the same day, Complainant sent a communication of the same nature to the email address listed under the administrative contact information on the Whois for the domain name.

Moreover, Complainant states that although Respondent implies that Respondent is a part-time Internet amateur, Respondent actually owns many other websites, including, According to Complainant, the term “Dating Direct” is not a common combination of words.