Start Emily samuelson and evan bates dating

Emily samuelson and evan bates dating

“I think that friendship and that base was what sort of led to the romance.”Chock believes that had they not both been figure skaters, they probably never would have met.

It was a very long time ago, but that was our first official date.”Bates added: “It was like a childhood romance.

We were so young."At the time, Chock was still skating with her previous partner, Greg Zuerlein, with whom she became the 2009 World Junior Champion.

Chock said that what made them such a great team on the ice naturally made them a great couple off the ice.“We have just great chemistry together," she said.

Chock, 25, and Bates, 28, revealed they are a couple last year.

He trained as a single skater and tested up to the Junior level in the USFSA testing structure, landing jumps through the double axel.

This medal qualified them for a trip to the 2006 Junior Worlds, where they placed tenth. They competed on the 2006–07 ISU Junior Grand Prix.

Evan Bates (born February 23, 1989) is an American ice dancer. The two represented the United States at the 20 Winter Olympics. After competing on the juvenile level for one season, they moved up a level and won the U. national intermediate title in the 2001–2002 season. They would win the national novice title at the 2005 U. At the event in Sofia, Bulgaria, they placed fifth in all three segments of the competition and overall.