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However, due to his son's habit of womanizing, he knew the assistant he chose should be one his son would never be attracted to - so he chose Betty Suarez.

Molly Meade (Late Wife) Claire Meade (Mother) Bradford Meade (Father) Alexis Meade (Sister) Tyler Meade-Hartley(Half Brother) Daniel Meade Jr (Nephew) Sofia Reyes (Ex-Fiancée) Amanda Tanen (Ex-Lover) Renee Slater (Ex-Girlfriend) Daniel Meade is the son of Bradford Meade and his wife, Claire Meade. Half-brother to Claire's son Tyler Meade-Hartley and was briefly the husband to Molly but she died of cancer at the end of the third season.

Is close friends with his former assistant Betty Suarez, and they are of close emotional support to one another throughout the series.

He is also the current Editor In Chief of MODE and a former sex addict.

In the premiere of season 2, Daniel recovered from the car wreck, and was confined to a wheelchair while his sister was still in a coma 3 weeks later.

After Bradford's passing, Daniel and Alexis battled to succeed him as chairman/CEO of Meade Publishing, culminating in a paintball contest.

Daniel lost to Alexis, who pretended to be hurt while they were playing. That relationship came to an end when she tried to kill Betty out of jealousy and was put into an asylum.

she replied, why are you calling me Alexis, it's Alex! Daniel tried to cover for her by saying it was his fault, but when Alexis regained her memory and admitted it (the murder attempt) to him, Daniel agreed not to say anything to their father.