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You might perceive him as annoying r24, but more people watch his videos every week than do network TV series perceived as hits.

Pretty much every goal we scored against the Power Grangers came on a shot from outside the Keeper zone (the one time I managed to get in close to their hoops and put it through I paid for it dearly as I received a physical beat down led by Eugene).

Eugene plays extremely physical and tough as a Keeper, but is also incredibly intelligent and seems to understand where to position himself on any given play.

He certainly has all sorts of quirky alter-egos on the pitch, from sassy Cho Chang to “Tiger” (he played the first day of Western Cup wearing a tiger ears headpiece and a tiger tail hanging off the back off his shorts).

Eugene definitely enjoys himself on the pitch, and doesn’t really care what others think about that.

He outran every single one of my teammates down the pitch, and then went head-to-head with me (and I’m actually bigger than he is).

He doesn’t take many long shots, but instead uses his momentum to power through people close to the hoops.

He also lowers his shoulder with quite a bit of force to push quaffle carriers away from their attacking lanes.

It’s almost impossible to get in close to Eugene’s hoops.

Most people I know who have self-identified as bisexual actually much prefer men.

Offsite Link myquidditchlife: Eugene Lee Yang, Varsity Gay League Power Grangers (Keeper/Chaser) Quidditch players run the gamut when it comes to personalities, athleticism, sports backgrounds, competitiveness, and intensity.

He is also constantly twisting and spinning, so it is almost impossible to stop his momentum.