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A board of experts on naval and air bases arrived in St. The harbor facilities, population base, and seat of government at St.

War-time shortages meant that the Canadian military did not build permanent military bases but did create temporary facilities to house air force and naval units at Botwood, Gander, Bell Island and St. The Canadian military buildings were often erected quickly and cheaply with materials available locally. as Battery D, 24th Coast Artillery (Harbor Defense) (Composite) Regiment, which was assuming control of US coast defense assets in Newfoundland.

The 2,000-foot (610 m) Long Range Mountains were crossed and wires were stretched over the top.

Siberian huskies were used to tow sleds with heavy equipment up the dangerous slopes of the mountains.

In October 1940, the governments of the United States and United Kingdom signed a contract known as the Destroyers for Bases Agreement, whereby the United States (still a neutral country) would provide 50 ex-United States Navy destroyers in exchange for the right to lease territory in British territories in Newfoundland and the Caribbean. Rook was Judge Advocate of the US Army "lend-lease" force commanded by Gen. One of the locations under consideration for a military base was St. On January 15, 1941 the Newfoundland Base Command was activated on board the United States Army troop transport ship USAT Edmund B. A major United States Navy base and air station was simultaneously under construction at Naval Station Argentia, along with a USAAF base at Stephenville.