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As of now, Epstein's colleagues who were mentioned in the court documents are still at large and no criminal cases have been against them because of the plea bargain.

Francisco Gene, director of the Menorca Binibeca Hotel, told the Mirror: “TUI and Jet2 rules mean no British guests can stay in rooms with balconies that don’t meet new height requirements.“In places like Magaluf in Majorca there have been a lot of accidents, usually after guests have been drinking and climb over to friends’ rooms.

DON'T MISS: British teen cheats death after 20ft balcony fall in party resort of Magaluf British couple sue hotel after falling 40ft from collapsing balcony Spain crackdown on UK tourists..

The 2015 court papers were part of a 2008 civil lawsuit filed by two Epstein accusers. Federal Judge Kenneth Mara had recently ruled that Florida federal prosecutors moved illegally when they neglected to notify Epstein's underage victims of the wrist-slap deal.

His sentence included a lenient non-prosecution deal that protected the financier's alleged co-conspirators.

The man was rushed to an intensive care unit at the Pasteur Hospital in Nice, while his partner, a 28-year old Canadian suffered minor injuries. It is thought that the woman may have been cushioned by her lover in the fall.

An investigator said last night: “The couple were seen making love on the balcony of their holiday rental flat.“They were becoming very passionate indeed, and suddenly toppled into the street below.“Neighbours called the emergency services immediately.”Police have opened an investigation to establish whether alcohol or drugs may have been involved in the accident.

Sexual assault charges brought against France’s former ambassador to Vanuatu were dropped on Tuesday after he was fired unceremoniously for allegedly assaulting two women in neighbouring New Caledonia in February."In my opinion, an offence was committed, but I found the foreign ministry's response to be proportional to the seriousness of what happened," prosecutor Alexis Bouroz told the French news agency AFP.

Robby Judes denied he had sexually assaulted the women, but he was recalled to Paris earlier this year to give an explanation of his alleged conduct. One of his accusers, Cherifa Linossier, the head of two business groups based in New Caledonia, said Judes had stroked “her bottom several times at a cocktail party" although she "expressed her disapproval".

"He went on to tell me how Brunel bought them in Paris...

offering them conventional sums of money, visas, and modeling career prospects," quipped the witness She continued that Epstein would laugh all the way through, adding that he thought "it was brilliant how simply money seduced all walks of life." The court documents also alleged that the former financier also took underage girls from South America and Eastern Europe to have sex on his whim.

10, after being detained on federal sex-trafficking charges, authorities said.

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