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Now that it's affecting your relationship, the problem can't be ignored.

I currently have 3 male friends who are in 3 different and very distinct gridlocked relationships right now.

Two are in failing marriages and one is in a committed monogamous relationship with a zipper that's stuck.

2) Your Tic Disorder is Out of Control Guys, owning baggage with a retractable handle is great for ease of handling when making your way from your last bad relationship to your really new, really bad one.

The problem is, you happen to have a tic disorder that involves opening and closing - opening and closing - opening and closing the retractable handle on your bag.

Then, as if enlightened, he went on to tell me what he would do to “fix” himself if he was her.

"It's really quite simple," he said as if recounting a simple string theory hypothesis. I know what it’s like to have it all figured out in my head one moment and the next moment stare at an imprint of a steering wheel on my forehead because I fell asleep in the car in the driveway again because I wanted to avoid the ongoing, week-long argument that only seemed to burry the mess of my relationship deeper.

Everyone but you knows that the names of all your past lovers are synonymously similar - Samantha, Serendipity, Serena and that even their drinking problem was the same, (though the tattoos and piercing are in a different place).

This is why subconsciously, you think that since all your baggage has eventually conked out on you, your new baggage will too.

or in my case, the girl who threw up in my mouth the night I lost my virginity in the front seat of my Mom’s GMC Pacer (Read that blog post click here).

You can’t keep blaming the salesman who sold you your baggage.

Each of these guys considers himself a bohemian artist type - a creative with a heart of gold who lives an alternative lifestyle and dedicates much of his time to his artistic craft, which includes a large dose of narcissism, a small serving of selfishness and important dreams of “making it big" one day and dutifully sharing his bounty with his partner who he treats mostly like a business partner.