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It’s only a matter of time, he said, before the focus shifts to another highly visible student group: fraternities. Experts and Greek insiders agree that a competitive, testosterone-driven environment fueled by alcohol and casual sex is part of fraternities’ sexual assault problem.

“For a predator, that’s an incredibly brilliant space to enter because it’s less likely that what you’re doing is going to stand out enough to look dangerous,” said Bucholtz.

Victims often don’t report rapes at fraternity houses because of fear of retaliation from its members.

And brotherhood loyalty pressures some fraternity members to protect known perpetrators.

Around 6 percent of those surveyed in Lisak’s study had committed rape. Lisak recorded a reenactment of an interview transcript with a fraternity member he calls Frank (not his real name).

Frank describes how he and his fraternity brothers got freshmen girls to come to parties.

Every semester, 18 to 20 fraternity men cycle through a course called Frat MANers, which stands for Fraternity Men Against Negative Environments And Rape Situations.

They spend three hours a week talking about sexual assault, parsing what it means to get consent for sex and describing signs of an assault about to happen. The program was founded in 2004 and is part of the school’s Student Health Services.

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