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Gregory smith emily vancamp dating

Xoxo.” Williams, who also couldn’t make it, wrote: “So sorry I’m not there So much love for these people.” Berlanti replied: “You were dearly missed Treat.” His excuse for being a no-show? Andy Brown was instead living it up at a One Direction concert in London!

I knew that this show was special when the show was cancelled and a big group of fans got together to rent a Ferris wheel—it was just a reminder of our amazing fans that kept us going for four years.” (A Ferris wheel played a significant part in the show’s series finale.

Pratt and Van Camp, for their part, dated briefly while playing brother and sister on the short-lived drama.) During the Q&A, Berlanti also revealed that ) said his studio first said no to the pilot.

Harold Abbott), Debra Mooney (Edna Harper), John Beasley (Irv Harper), Brenda Strong (Julia Brown), creator Greg Berlanti, producer Jordan Levin, writer-producers David Hudgins and Rina Mimoun, and composer Blake Neely.