Start Hibernatetemplate not updating

Hibernatetemplate not updating

The first step in creating an application is to build the Java POJO class or classes, depending on the application that will be persisted to the database. Configuration; public class Manage Employee $java Manage Employee .......

Isn't redundant to use Spring JPA for hibernate implementation?

What's the advantage of using Spring JPA over Spring hibernate layer(Hibernate Template)?

NOTE: As of Hibernate 3.0.1, transactional Hibernate access code can also be coded in plain Hibernate style.

Hence, for newly started projects, consider adopting the standard Hibernate3 style of coding data ...

Hibernate Template cache problem I have been having a problem with my spring/hibernate web application. The code that spring framework would run behind the scene when we call get Hibernate Template()By Example(example Insta nce) Spring framework tries to create org.hibernate.

I have an application that makes 3 consecutive ajax calls. Problem with hibernate By Criteria Hi at all, I have a problem with that function of hibernate Template, because its returning a void Collection from the DB when it shouldnt be like that because ... Criteria: Criteria executable Criteria = session.create Criteria(example Class()); As I was ...using get Session() instead of hibernate Template Hi Am a beginner to Spring. There is a plan to implement Spring in the application and using spring-hibernate. Is Hibernate Template still the recommended way to go in Spring 2.5/Hibernate3?

Hi, I want to do some bootrapping-actions during webapp-application-context startup.

From the bean init-method (i tested Initializing Bean and @Post Construct) i excpect to see an exception accessing an invalid persistent-object e.g.

Hello, I have a simple HQL query : Code: SELECT, _orderelement.quantity, COUNT(_orderelement.quantity) FROM Order _order inner join _order.order Elements as _orderelement inner join _as _food GROUP BY,_orderelement.quantity ORDER BY ...

Problem with Hibernate Template Hi, I am trying to save the collection object using get Hiberante Or Upate All() method but when i am using this I am getting following exception nested exception is: org. Hibernate Template hang on scheduled task Hi all, I've encountered a problem while trying to use Hibernate Template from my scheduled task: When I call hibernate Or Update(Object) from the scheduled task, it hang and ...hibernate Template with arraylist as parameter Hi, i'm trying to execute this query : Code: Hibernate Template() find("select distinct ci.customer " "from Customer Invoice ci " "where in (?

This is not an introduction to Hibernate and you should already know the basics of configuration, object-relational mapping and working with entity instances.