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Hookup xxxblackbook

If not for our sense of duty to our readership to keep them informed of the latest in dating-related sites, we would have stopped right there.

Hookup sites are excellent places to strut your stuff digitally.

On quality hookup sites you actually have a decent shot at finding like-minded people for some real casual fun.

Notice how we modified the last sentence with the word “quality.” As incredible as it is to fathom, not everything on the internet is on the “up and up” — not all hookup sites are the same.

Men, on the other hand, probably figure “well, if ugly dudes are getting laid, why not me? That was easy to do, considering that the red “Register for Free” button was located just below a line of banner text that read, “Get Laid in Your Hometown Today.”By clicking on that button you are redirected to the registration page.

If you fail to click on that link, they will close your account after 24 hours.

Style-wise, the main page was as austere as the welcome page.

This, friends, is when technology comes to the rescue.