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Delia invited some of the other models for an in-door pool party (heated pool) that Saturday so we could all just have some fun and perhaps become friends.

That weekend was very strange as I got to see Delia in a different light.

At home she was less strict and lots of fun to be with.

I posted Delia’s confession in November 2011 (click here to read it).

Delia runs a modelling school so she is constantly surrounded by beautiful young girls.

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Once the photo shoot was done Delia asked if I wanted to do a nude shoot and after some more convincing I did it, then she asked if she could post a pic of my pussy with my story and I couldn’t believe her nerve.

After a lot of time and convincing from Delia I realized that it’s just a pic of my pussy and no one will be able to recognize me so why not. In November last year I started taking modelling classes at Delia’s school and even got to be in a few modelling events in March this year.

At some point, after we started really enjoying ourselves, Delia informed us that she had to leave for a few hours to help a friend with something and that we could all stay and enjoy ourselves.

After she left I was surprised at the amount of alcohol the girls had between them and we started drinking.

Once everyone had a good buzz going, one-by-one the girls started removing their bathing suits to skinny-dip.