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Maruma will be back in court today for her bail hearing.

Tabtabai is currently outside of Kuwait, amid government discussions on whether to unseat him from parliament.

Suspected human traffickers Brenda Avril May (left), Nyasha Bako (in green T-shirt), Lucia Makangwa and Jethro Madakasi (white striped shirt) arrive at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts in the company of detectives yesterday.

As soon as the complainant got into Kuwait, her passport was taken away.

Use only official border crossings when crossing from Iraq or Saudi Arabia into Kuwait. The Government of Canada cannot intervene on your behalf if you do not meet your destination’s entry or exit requirements.

-Picture by Innocent Makawa Prosper Dembedza : Court Correspondent A 30-year-old Harare woman, believed to be part of a well-organised human trafficking syndicate that lured female job seekers to Kuwait on the pretext that they had secured decent employment, when in actual fact they had been sold into prostitution and other menial jobs, appeared in court yesterday.

Norest Maruma was facing eight counts of contravening sections of the Trafficking in Persons Act (Recruits, transfers, harbours or receives another person that he or she knows or suspects is being or is likely to be trafficked or attempts, assists or conspires with others for the commission of the crime of trafficking) when she appeared before magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe.

You should, however, avoid secluded places or non-residential areas after dark.