Start Layal single woman dating

Layal single woman dating

I dated a taurus guy before and it didn't seem he took too long to decide if they want to leave the relationship even tho he liked me very very much in the beginning. Because Tauruses set high ethical standards, they're under the impression that the entire world is dishonest..them. When he is not with you or calling you, he's doing his homework, which includes gathering info about you. He has an impressive memory, and is perceptive to bullsh$t. I hate to admit it, but you're dealing with a vain man. Suggest art shows, jazz concerts, wine tastings, but couple them up with sports, beer, and buffalo wings! What isn't said to you will be shown through romantic gestures and plenty of affection. He is very dogmatic,quick temepered, non-communicative, stubborn, and at times can come across as a sarcastic @sshole, but keep in mind, he's got your back, and there is nothing in this world that he wouldn't do for you! The problem I still have is I feel kind of distance from him since I am leo girl, I do need alot of attention.

=D He's my first Taurus man and how true what's been said here. I love his dark humour and am attracted to his almost gloomy view of life. At the beginning he told me he was divorced for one year and later admitted that it was only a bit more than one month when we first met.

Sad i know but the truth is no taurus man likes change but if he is compelled by love he has have for another women then there is no stopping him.

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Taurus men have wonderful natural qualities but it depends on the person. Naturally So if you find yourself in a situation as the other women and the taurus man you seek is worth it then be prepared to wait and make him fall in love with you.