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Sirius was a top holding about 3 years ago, so grab that report and read what Steve (the manager) says about the company.

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I think there is at least one here that must be due back at school in a day or two .think I'll try the filter for a while ...

On a more positive note ,in the progress pic at Wilton there must be nearly 3K tunnel segments laid out so surely they will be transporting over to Woodsmith and Lockwood soon ??? Hope they are being used pretty quickly with Stella Rose making good progress ? But if you want proof simply head over to Jupiter's website, pull up Jupiter Growth's annual reports and happy reading.

My shares would shoot upwards, my bond would pay back for years. Whether institutions are holding or not is a mute point really.

I say that because they dont have any better odds at guessing if the bonds will get sold or not, than us. The certainly didnt guess about bonds not getting sold in August.

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My pal knows a sales guy at Jupiter and he told him that the manager has nailed his colours to the mast.