Start Me my boyfriend have been dating month

Me my boyfriend have been dating month

We start to see the person as an extension of ourselves, and within that framework, we lose some of that “chemistry” that drew us to them.

We may gain weight or engage in unhealthy habits, drinking more or exercising less. They are often ways of protecting ourselves from sustained closeness.

” Maintaining our separateness and pursuing what particularly lights us up is the best way to be ourselves in our relationships.

Rather than driving us apart, this separateness actually allows us to feel our attractions and choose to be together.

Loss of Physical Attraction – When we form a fantasy of fusion with another person, we tend to eventually lose some of our physical attraction to that person.

Relying on someone to take care of us or looking to them to complete us puts a heavy burden on our relationship.

People who engage in a fantasy bond value routine over spontaneity and safety over passion.

They go through the motions of being together or involved but without bringing the energy, independence, and affection that once colored their relationship.

Failing to share activities – Early on in our relationships, we are often our most open, excited to try new things and share new adventures.