Start No time for dinner dating

No time for dinner dating

At the scheduled time, the play-buddy appears in the designated meet-up spot and is identified by a play icon on the map.

Asking about their favorite foods costs one action point and awards 4 to 6 happiness, but can be done twice.

Asking about work also costs one action point and awards 4 to 6 happiness.

While eating dinner, the player can engage in various soicial interactions with the play-buddy, such as talking about favorite foods and asking about work.

This play option becomes available after the player has completed the Amber Island bridge.

Action points are used during play time to perform most activities.

The play-buddy has a mood meter that indicates how the playing is progressing; a low mood meter may result in the play time ending early.

When the ride ends the player and their play date will be taken back to the balloon platform.