Start Oracle if inserting or updating

Oracle if inserting or updating

The same is true for an " In the previous section we've seen what the timing points look like for individual statements. That depends on whether you are doing bulk inserts, updates or deletes using the statement.

CREATE TABLE employee_details ( EMP_ID number(10) primary key, FIRST_NAME varchar2(50), LAST_NAME varchar2(50), DATE_OF_BIRTH date, DATE_OF_DEATH date, CREATED_BY varchar2(20), CREATED_DATE date ); CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_before_emp_insr BEFORE INSERT on employee_details FOR EACH ROW DECLARE emp_age number; BEGIN -- Finding employee age by date of birth SELECT MONTHS_BETWEEN(TO_DATE(sysdate,'DD-MON-YYYY'), TO_DATE(:new.

SELECT USER INTO username FROM dual; -- Setting created_by and created_Date values. He is working in a well reputed MNC as an applications Developer with 5 years of experience.

He have good understanding and knowledge of Java, Database, Spring, Hibernate and exploring other technologies related to Software development.

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