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Paul rudd dating advice

In typical fashion, she said the news left her in need of "a little lie down".

Aisling (34) also app-eared in crime thriller series The Fall alongside Jamie Dornan.

Now she will embark on the eight-episode series with Rudd, who is also an executive producer on the Netflix show created by Timothy Greenberg.

She said that so far, the Marvel fans have been nothing but nice.

“I’m lucky that the people on my social media who follow me are so kind and supporting, but there is a lot of negativity on social media.

While Rudd has been an A-list name for more than two decades, Aisling's own star has been on the rise in recent times.

Her comedy special with Netflix debuts this week, and she also created the Channel 4 and RTE joint project Happy AF, which stars another Irish export, Sharon Horgan, of Catastrophe fame.

This is not the first time that Rudd was asked about his youthful appearance.

Over the last few years, this topic has been raised quite regularly, and every single time, the actor would provide a hilarious answer that also downplays the fact that he has barely aged in the last two decades.

Aisling has her roots in comedy and has previously spoken about being a woman in the industry.

She revealed that she began to question herself when she reached university.

So we just talked about how to combat that, and especially in this industry too,” she said.