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Dating surpassed the traditional eye to eye contact and long conversations over the phones and letters.

Kuch cheezein heritage hoti hain jaise hamaara pyaar. And when I found out that my favourite couples on the show, Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani were dating IRL, I was so excited! But we are also best friends forever…❤️ @kkundrra #thebestest 👫💑💏 A post shared by Karan Kundrra (@kkundrra) on I think Ekta Kapoor deserves some serious credit for bringing a lot of our favourite real life TV couples together!

Lagta hai tumhe janmon se jaanti hun phir bhi har baar tumhaare baare mein kuch naya seekhti hun . This extremely good-looking couple, who is married now, keeps posting pictures of their PDA and fuelling their fans love for them! One such romance that the producer played cupid in is that of Kanchi Kaul and Shabir Ahluwalia!

I knew Steve was going to run away but to my surprise he even acknowledged them saying that it’s just a matter of time and they’ll be good. I had a lot of burdens when my husband was still alive.

It was hard for me to take someone’s problems into consideration.

Steve was in love with his job and could not imagine doing anything else.

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During the day we would go on dates which took place between 10 a.m to 2 p.m when the kids are still in school.

He didn’t have any pets, therefore, used to come to my place.

See what they like, how do they communicate and how much dot they care.

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He didn’t have a lot of burdens or anything that could hold him from dating me. After moving on with my life and getting over those moments, I longed for a guy who was fun, who loved going out on adventures, clubbing, and singing (loudly). Steve was ready for anything at any time, quite a number of times at night. Picking up the kids from school at 3 pm, putting them to bed by 9 pm was really tiresome for me.