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Robin dunne dating

Before Martin has a chance to reconnect with Regina, she disappears leaving a dead husband, Craig, on Aurora's balcony and her baby, Hayden, hidden in Aurora's bathtub.

The Captain's wife, Bess Burns (Leah Cairns) is suspiciously composed in the aftermath while new detective Pete Lambert (Jim Thorburn) thinks Martin is involved in Burns' death.

Aurora finds Bess' sister and her colleague at the library, Lillian, attacked in the library and suspects that Captain Burns was on a case that got him murdered.

Worried that the murderer could be one of the local real estate agents, Aurora recruits fellow Real Murders Club members John and Perry to help her with what turns into a case of art theft.

Her mother, Aida Teagarden, is her real estate agent.

In this Real Murders Club, they get all too close a look as one of their members is bludgeoned in exactly the same manner as the crime to be discussed that night.

Aurora Teagarden, the town librarian, is not only a member of the club, a suspect in the murder but also a potential victim as other murders follow - each mimicking a famous crime.

In 2014, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries began broadcasting adaptations of the novels as an original film series entitled The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, as part of their 'Mystery Wheel' umbrella series with Candace Cameron Bure in the title role.