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Sarah mclachlan dating geoff courtnall

Her previous disc, released in 2010, zoned in on the disastrous end of her 11-year marriage with former drummer Ashwin Sood, the father of Mc Lachlan’s two daughters. “It feels disingenuous to talk about now.” Midlife crises brought about an artistic turning point.

Her mother’s disapproval fuelled her to sign a solo contract in 1988—the deal with Nettwerk Records that bound her to the Vancouver-based label for 23 years.

“I had an awful relationship with her then,” she says of her mother, whom she lost to cancer in 2001.

“I refuse to force a song in a direction because it’s going to get radio play—I’m an album-oriented artist.

I’m not Miley Cyrus and I’m not Katy Perry and I haven’t fit myself into that category; it’s pretty narrow.

“Even though my parents had supported me in music, they thought of it as just a nice hobby.” Mc Lachlan is sitting in an oversized chocolate couch with a view of a granite pool, a tipi-shaped guest house (her personal assistant’s office) and the deck, which has a pair of rattan swings on it, woven with giant daisy motifs.

Her home is filled with Indonesian-, African- and Asian-styled furnishings that look as though they were snapped up at a Moroccan street market, or a Pier 1 Imports outlet.

“I’ve had more sex this year than I’ve had in my entire life,” she says, speaking to the song’s origins. I had my children, I had my friends, I had my music,” she says. the idea of meeting someone was so over.” But, she says, something important was still missing.

“I was single for over three years and during that time, I didn’t have any sex. “I had all these great things that helped to make me whole again . Then she hosted a party at her house to raise money for the Sarah Mc Lachlan School of Music, a Vancouver-based academy that offers free music classes for kids in Grades 4 to 12.

I simply write the songs I write and if it works, it works.” Rather than take Madonna’s path of manic recycled reinvention, Mc Lachlan has stuck to what she knows.

She says she won’t be putting out a dance or jazz album anytime soon.

One of the attendees was former Vancouver Canucks player Geoff Courtnall.