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In the Northeast, where the government is the dominant health-care provider, the government sector SRB rivalled that of the private sector (both are 900).

Among those whose applications would be reviewed include Siddharth Vashishta alias Manu Sharma, convicted of model Jessica Lal’s murder and Santosh Singh, convicted in the murder of Delhi university student Priyadarshini Mattoo.

Two months ago, Delhi home minister Satyendar Jain, who is the chairperson of the seven-member board, had fixed May 24 as the meeting date.

It is to be noted here that sources in the Niti Aayog confirmed that they did consider HMIS data but found after statistical examination that it was unreliable and therefore used SRS.

Further, even when we only consider institutional deliveries in government hospitals, the SRB is falling.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has to ensure that private hospitals don’t profit from discrimination against girls before birth.

Nine months after the last sentence review board (SRB) met to decide the release of prisoners from Tihar Jail, the board will meet again on Friday to decide the applications of 200 people, including certain high-profile convicts.

She was quoting data from the Health Management Information System (HMIS), a fundamentally flawed source that largely considers home deliveries and births in government institutions.

Data from the HMIS are incomplete and not representative of the country as a whole as births happening in private institutions are under-reported.

Other members of the board are the prison’s director-general, state home secretary, state law secretary, a district judge, the government’s chief probationary officer and a joint commissioner-rank officer of the Delhi Police.

If the seven-member board votes by a majority to release any prisoners, the verdict is sent to the Delhi lieutenant governor, who may either approve or decline the release.

It was postponed at the last-minute as the minister was unavailable.