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Sex message chatrooms

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According to its creators, the tool is robust enough that it can understand messages even when they obfuscate their meaning using acronyms or shorthand — or simply just straightforward spelling errors.

In the future, the researchers say that CATT could also be used to teach undercover officers to better portray underage victims online by revealing constantly changing factors like language, emojis, and acronyms.

Judge Stuart Sleeman Lay told him: "You used the internet to search for a young girl and groomed her to satisfy your own sexual desires."The girls parents said afterwards: "We are delighted with the sentence but would like to warn parents of the dangers of their children having access to internet chatrooms.

Private communications in chatrooms and (instant) messaging platforms cannot be monitored.

“This will be a free tool for law enforcement, and we ask that agencies who are interested in testing our tool reach out to us this summer,” Seigfried-Spellar said.

“We are looking for partners to share data and test our tool, so we can have CATT ready for deployment by the end of this year.” A paper describing the research, “Exploring Detection of Contact vs.

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