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Silverlight service reference not updating

After I've made a change in my WCF contract, I want to update the service reference on the client so that changes made to the contract is also made in the proxy.

In lines 5-10 we are building up a changeset to send to the server.

Notice we need to give it the original values we saved off in the load method. Notice here we are sending one item in the change set.

Create a new Win Forms project and select Add Service Reference.

Enter the URL (note discover doesn’t work for this sort of service yet)… Now, we have a service, let’s look at actually getting data out of it.

In this case I already have a Win Forms Data Grid View on my form. In line 3, we create a new instance of the web service client and point it at the right binding. In line 5, we bind the Data Grid View to the results of this call. In line 10, we handle the cell edit event, we will come back to look at that later. it is using hanselman’s server which gets slammed sometimes 😉 Now we have our data, we can scroll through it and view the pretty pictures. well, let’s take a look at Cell Edit End event handler… we could be sharing with the load method, but I thought this would be cleaner to follow.

The service exposes a couple of different bindings as you can see in the app.config file for the Win Forms app: In line 4, we call the service to get our list of Plates… In lines 6-9, we are saving off the “original” values.. in line 11, we sign up for the selection changed event so we can initialize the picture… In line 4, we save off the currently selected plate.

I modified the service reference files and replaced his machine name with localhost and it was able to update the reference.

I know this solution is a bit late, but after trying the posted solutions with no success, this worked: When you create a Web Service, it generates a file that you reference as your service reference.

In my case the problem was that the previous developer had added the service reference using his machine name rather than localhost.

So when I told Visual Studio to update, it connected to his machine, which did not have the changes.

I add the service using the exact same settings as before, so I don't think it's a issue I can solve by changing the service reference configuration on the client.