Start States not fluoridating water

States not fluoridating water

Regardless of age, income or education, optimally fluoridated drinking water benefits whole communities by strengthening tooth enamel and even preventing early tooth decay.

Why the USA still allows for this uneducated, barbaric practice is beyond me." data-height="80" data-_block="Because this is morally and ethically wrong.

Our children do not drink enough good quality water, but eat and drink to much sugar.

In the late 90′s, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke carries out the first study the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland.

The benefits of water fluoridation can help save scarce health care dollars for families, businesses and taxpayers.

This simple and safe public health measure protects and promotes dental health throughout your entire life, and all you have to do is drink water.

(CNN) -- The federal government is recommending changing the amount of fluoride in drinking water for the first time in 50 years.

The Department of Health and Human Services and Environmental Protection Agency are proposing the change because of an increase in fluorosis -- a condition that causes spotting and streaking on children's teeth.

I will not restate the facts, google it and you will have more than enough clear evidence that you do not want to be ingesting this everyday for the rest of your life. Countries all over the world have banned flouride from ever being in their public water supplies.