Start True blood alexander skarsgard dating

True blood alexander skarsgard dating

No one knows they are dating yet except ME and now you,’ she added.

There were eating avocado toast and rubbing each other's lower backs.

No one know they are dating yet except ME and now you.

I feel like I have to tell you bc Brian Williams never will. Go tell ten people or you will have bad luck forever." Hayley also shared a photo of the hot new couple taken from behind as they enjoyed their breakfast together, while sitting at a bar overlooking the New York sidewalk. Last month they were reportedly spotted kissing during a party at the Sundance Film Festival.

Posting a picture of 31-year-old Alexa buying breakfast for two, she wrote, "I try not to post blurry pictures on Instagram BUT I am in the middle of breaking an important celebrity news story and so rules don't really apply.

She explained to Porter magazine: ‘I’m long overdue losing my lesbian virginity, but I just think it’s super old-fashioned to expect anything from anyone, I think everyone is on a spectrum of whatever they prefer.

‘I would never discount the idea that I could have a relationship with a woman at some point.

It looks like Alexa Chung has a handsome new man in her life after the fashion star was spotted getting cosy with a mystery fella over the weekend.