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It was collected in the Burgess Shale of British Colombia and featured large eyes and a notochord running along its back.

Fossil remains of coelacanth fish have been identified in deposits dating back nearly 400 million years.

Placoderms were among the first jawed vertebrates to evolve and are ancestral to humans. Dicki in 2014 said their physical structure suggested the fish engaged in copulation.

In 2004 paleontologists found fossils of a primitive fish, named Tiktaalik roseae, on Ellesmere Island in Canada’s Nunavut territory that dated to about this time.

The fish has a rostral organ in its skull, a feature similar to one that sharks use to detect the weak electric fields given off by their prey.

Living specimens in 1938 were caught off the coast of East Africa and in 1998 were caught in Indonesian waters.

The fossils showed evidence of ribs, neck, rudimentary ear bones and primitive limbs.

In 2008 scientists traced the origin of fingers and toes to fish-like creatures that roamed the seas about this time.

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