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Who is dicaprio dating now

Camila Morrone is a 22-year-old model, and it seems like she has made Leonardo fall in love all over again as they look pretty solid and have a great relationship going.

Meanwhile, the gossip media doesn’t seem to have a good grasp on the relationship between the two actors. That story wasn’t true either, but it shows how the tabloids can’t seem to decide if the co-stars are friends or enemies. “Brad Pitt Is 'Happy to Focus on Himself and His Kids' Following New Single Status, Says Source.” People, 16 Apr.

The short answer is they’re pals, but Di Caprio hasn’t involved himself in Pitt’s love life.

Pitt’s rep has confirmed this to Gossip Cop as well.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time the tabloid has pushed this bogus narrative. The premise wasn’t true last year, and it’s no more accurate now. "Leonardo Di Caprio Setting Brad Pitt Up With Models?

They get a lot of criticism about their age gap, and Camila actually responded to everyone who said it’s pretty creepy.

BTW, Leo and Camila were introduced through her stepdad and Leo’s friend, Al Pacino, when she was 10 years old.

Morrone wore a chic polka-dotted dress and went shoeless as she posed like one of Degas’s ballerinas; Di Caprio, in turn, diligently took photographs.

Sadly for all of us, while we have no doubt that an artist like Di Caprio has top-notch Instagram Boyfriend photography skills, the shoeless image has not been shared to social media.

A source also came forward and said that Leonardo has made her meet both of his parents and they have been dating since January of 2018 though none of them ever confirmed their relationship during an interview or publicly.

As soon as fans got to hear this, they were all over the internet wanting to know if he was proposing anytime soon.

Do I think it's weird Leonardo Di Caprio is 44 and dating a 21 year old? Do I think it's predatory that he's known her since she was a child? But do I think this pattern of behavior is dangerous and unhealthy? Another fascinating note that may (or may not) be relevant: according to the university of Rochester's medical center, our brains reach full development at age 25 or so.