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Who is dustin hoffman dating

“And as he’s doing that, he literally stuck his finger down my pants,” Kester claimed. Kester claimed Hoffman continued to call her after the event.

Yes, the movie became a cultural touchstone and a classic, turning the then–30-year-old into a sensation almost overnight. And had Hoffman only played that part and Ratso Rizzo, the downtown scuzzball of Midnight Cowboy, he’d still have carved out a small corner in film history. Released back in the free world, the dapper older gent goes to see a man about about a horse – and starts looking into investing in a racetrack that could be turned into a gambling goldmine.

But after that movie, short, ethnic and handsome performers could be considered leading men. But in the nearly 50 years since that one-two punch, he’s given us some of the most memorable turns in American movies: Watergate muckrakers and Judge Wapner-loving savants, existential detectives and enraged divorcees, psychopathic gangsters and profane stand-ups, two-bit crooks and first-rate schnooks. So in honor of the man entering eighth decade, we’re looking back on what we consider the 20 essential Dustin Hoffman roles – from his Oscar-winning performances to small-screen one-offs like his memorable Simpsons guest appearance. It’s a juicy part for the actor, who relishes in playing the silences, the slow-burn staredowns and the occasional outbursts – slam those palms down on the desk, Dustin!

During the reportedly contentious confrontation, Hoffman denied allegations made by Anna Graham Hunter, who accused him of groping her while she was a 17-year-old intern on the set of 1985 TV movie, Death of a Salesman.